Watch On Catch-Up: Covid-19 & My Business – What Do I Need To Do?! Webinar

Webinar took place on Wednesday 29 April 2020

The Humber Business Growth Hub’s #GrowMySME Programme runs a weekly ‘drop-in‘ webinar to help business owners, managers and leaders understand the various steps that they may need to take to safeguard their businesses. This webinar sees a panel of experts of various business specialisms present relevant and tailored information, advice and guidance, before the webinar ends with an interactive Q&A session. A full agenda for the webinar can be found below.

Watch now for advice on accessing the government support schemes for businesses and the self-employed, guidance on key financial and legal issues and information, a look at local business support schemes and how to ensure business continuity, advice on GDPR policies and procedures when working from home, guidance on HR considerations and the government’s furloughing scheme, and considerations on managing mental health for yourself and your employees.


Agenda & Timecodes

You can watch specific parts of the webinar by scrubbing to the relevant timecodes as below:

  1. Workshop Introduction by Paul Ward (Facilitator) – 00:00 to 02:48
  2. Government support for Businesses & the Self-Employed by Peter Daniel – 02:49 to 13:42
  3. Financial & Legal Information by Mike Byrne – 13:43 to 26:00
  4. HR Requirements & Furloughing Facts by Kellie Calvert – 26:01 to 44:15
  5. Local Business Support and Business Continuity by Steve Page – 44:16 to 01:14:27
  6. GDPR Policies when Working from Home by Stella Jacobs – 01:14:28 to 01:35:20
  7. Mental Health for Employees & Yourself by Rachel Alexander – 01:35:21 to 02:01:10
  8. Q&A Session – 02:01:11 to 02:02:35
  9. Future webinars & Close – 02:02:36 to 02:07:06

This ‘drop-in’ webinar is run weekly every Wednesday from 2 – 4pm. You can book your place and view other forthcoming #GrowMySME webinars here.

If you wish to speak to a Growth Hub Business Advisor about how to deal with the impact of Covid-19 on your business, please contact us using our contact form here.