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The 7 Steps of Innovation for SMEs

Date: Mon 2 March 2020
Time: 9:30AM - 4:30PM
Where: Waffle 21, Beverley

Find Out the 7 Steps to Bring Innovation to Your Business Practice

In this comprehensive workshop, we will cover all of the topics you need to understand as a small business owner in order to build an enterprising innovation operation.
The course covers everything from the current context of innovation in a climate of economic volatility and uncertainty, to the role of leadership and innovation metrics. Using the best practice of organisations that have achieved exceptional improvements in their ability to innovate, this workshop looks at the detail of how other businesses are achieving radical improvements in their innovation capability that you can mirror for your own business, covering the top 7 steps you can practically make to bring innovations to your business practice.

Who is the workshop for?
– Businesses of any sector that are looking to innovate their products, services and processes in order to achieve growth.
– Business Owners or senior managers that are looking to gain a competitive advantage via innovation
– Businesses that have ideas about an innovation project but need support to set the context and move it forward