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Post Pandemic HR & Employment Law

Date: Thu 18 November 2021
Time: 9:00AM - 4:30PM
Where: Humber View Hotel, North Ferriby

Whether you employ staff now or are going to do so in the future this workshop will give you the basic tools needed to plan to run a successful HR Department and adhere to legal requirements helping to prevent any unwanted surprises.

A solid fact-finding experience peppered with a lively group session awaits in this vital workshop. Tracy Petersen of Third Chapter has over two decades of executive experience in business management, business trouble shooting and training in a wide variety of settings including Colleges, Universities, Local Companies and Growth Hubs.

We will answer these 3 questions:

• What should a HR Department be responsible for?

• What are my business specific vulnerabilities and how can I correct them?

• What is employment law and how can recent changes affect my business?

We will give you the tools during this workshop to know:

• How to produce and perfect policies and procedures.

• How to formulate a recruitment and selection framework.

• How to ensure your HR department is legally compliant.