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Masterclass Series: Develop Standout Products and Services Using Digital

Start Date & Time: Fri 15 October 2021 - 10:00AM
End Date & Time: Fri 29 October 2021 - 12:00PM

3 inspiring & thought provoking masterclasses to discover key methodologies & tools for developing successful new products for your business


Throughout this practical and insightful learning experience, participants will be presented with key fundamentals for delivering successful innovation within their business. Areas covered in this series of three interactive, hands-on workshops include:

  • harnessing digital technology and using this to grow and future proof your business;
  • building a culture to ensure innovation is “always on”; and
  • identifying customer needs to ensure you are always adding value.

You will also learn creative techniques to develop new product ideas, a framework for selecting those with the greatest potential and lots of tips and advice about how to turn ideas into successful products or services.

Masterclass Dates:

  • Friday 15th October 2021 – 10am-12pm
  • Friday 22nd October 2021 – 10am – 12pm
  • Friday 29th October 2021 – 10am – 12pm

You will receive a confirmation email with links to all three masterclasses upon booking. The masterclasses are connected and delegates are encouraged to attend all three. They offer a guided journey with the intended destination of having started the process of developing one or more successful new products and services. The individual sessions will cover the following areas:

Workshop 1: Identifying opportunities for digital innovation

This masterclass will begin the development of your digital innovation plan covering the following topics:

  • What is Innovation?
  • Why it is important to develop new products/services to sustain and grow your business?
  • Building the right mindset and culture for generating new ideas and developing products or services.
  • How digital technology supports product and service innovation to help you stand out from the crowd.
  • Thinking about participants own business and core product/service offer, develop ideas to add value, make them appealing to different markets and/or change the way your customers use and access their offer
  • Post workshop exercise: develop an innovation team and start to identify ideas and opportunities to innovate your products, services and customer experience through the application of digital technology.

Workshop 2: Developing and moving your ideas forwards

The masterclass progresses the development of new product and service ideas that will enable participant businesses to stand out from their competition.

  • Review post masterclass exercise, including the formation of innovation teams, the initial ideas that have been captured and how digital technology will grow them.
  • Growing ideas and thinking differently through practical creative techniques and group discussion and insights.
  • Introduce the Innovation Sprint process and the Edenic 5E Model to developing a successful new product and service.
  • Learn techniques that lead to a deeper understanding of customers and create ideas and innovations that add value to their product and service experience.
  • Post workshop exercise: run a mini innovation sprint process to develop new product and service ideas.

Workshop 3: Building and sustaining innovation momentum

This workshop brings everything together with the development of a plan to develop and refine the ideas generated in the mini innovation sprint.

  • Develop a short 5 minute ‘pitch’ to explain new product and service ideas developed and ‘sell’ them to the group.
  • Expert tips, techniques and recommendations for building a broader product and service portfolio.
  • Creating an environment where innovation is ‘always on’ and how to develop an innovation culture.
  • Identify the support and resources available to help implement your plan.

You should attend these Masterclasses to learn about the science behind innovation, why it’s so important and how you can harness disruptive thinking to your organisation to develop new and exciting products or services that will help your business to survive, thrive, grow and futureproof.

Who is Edenic Group?

Edenic Group is a team of innovation consultants and behavioural change experts with many years experience developing disruptive thinking and innovation concepts for globally recognised brands. Based in Hull, the team is formed of colleagues with a shared interest in developing innovation strategies and disruptive thinking, and helping businesses navigate what is a rapidly changing, digital-first, commercial landscape.

Their self-developed innovation methodology, named ‘Eve’, underpins the innovation workshops that they deliver, and is designed to discover innovative ideas, and solutions to business challenges, as well as keep their clients future-thinking and disruptive in their marketplace. Edenic’s work is designed to achieve three key innovation outcomes for their clients we call them the 3 D’s.

*Please note that Masterclasses are recorded and maybe made available for viewing. By registering, you consent to the workshops being recorded and possibly shared.