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Learn About 3D Scanning and Printing

Date: Wed 15 December 2021
Time: 1:00PM - 2:30PM
Where: Online Webinar

An introduction to the various technologies used to 3D scan and capture parts, products or places and spaces. We will then explore options and examples of how to create physical or virtual copies, replicas, tooling, or new digital assets.

Join Mike Poole for this insight into the world of 3D. Mike manages the Designblok Technology Hub based within the College of Arts at the University of Lincoln. He is also Business Development Manager for Lincoln Conservation.

Delegates will gain understanding of the:
  • Workflow from initial 3D data capture, data manipulation and the various options to create physical or virtual outputs.
  • Different types of 3D data capture recording techniques and applications.
  • Benefits of scanning for the built environment, small parts, or products
  • Some of the processes available to replicate whole parts or selective features
  • Some of the limitations of scanners, scanning and digital replication.

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