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Improve Your Sales in Just One Day

Date: Wed 18 March 2020
Time: 9:15AM - 4:15PM
Where: Market Weighton Business Centre

Would like to improve your company’s sales in just one day?

In such a competitive time we all know that business can be won and lost on how good your company is at closing sales and delivering the value the customer needs.
This one-day practical workshop is interactive and we absolutely guarantee you will leave this workshop with,
• A one-page sales plan
• Knowledge of the latest sales skills and tactics
• Lots of tips to improve your sales
• How to use social media as part of your sales strategy
This Fun-damentals of Selling workshop introduces you to the skills of selling that all SMEs need in order to grow your business.
This practical workshop will cover:
• Sales Strategy
• Professional Selling Skills
• Social Selling
• Managing the Sales Process/Cycle
Delivered by Client Marketing this one-day workshop is the start of a series of sales and business development workshops designed to provide you with the professional skills you need to #GrowMySME.