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How To Use Google Tools To Turbo Charge Your Marketing!

Date: Tue 26 October 2021
Time: 9:00AM - 4:30PM
Where: Humber View Hotel, North Ferriby

Digital Marketing for a small business can be tough! It is easy to splash the cash with a marketing agency instead of utilising the free tools available online.  We have rounded up 10 Google tools and features that are essential for small business digital marketing and we will share these in this workshop in order that you can:

  • Learn how to market your business using all Google Tools
  • See how to market your business for free!
  • Master Digital Marketing.
Completing this Workshop will help you:
  • Develop effective digital marketing plan with Google tools
  • Learn how to use google for market research
  • Discover tips on how to use Google in your digital marketing.


Simon Shepherd of Client Marketing is your host for this entertaining journey through the world of Google, now and in the future.