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How To Handle Multiple Invitees On A Webcam Call

Date: Mon 1 February 2021
Time: 1:00PM - 2:30PM
Where: Online Webinar

We cover the ‘1 to 1’, the ‘2 to 1’, the ‘2 to 2’ and the ‘plus 4’. Each of these requires a focused meeting management style to ensure that the potential of the meeting is delivered. (It has been our experience the ‘1 to 2’ is a barrier for many sales professionals that are not trained or prepared to engage with two attendees on one meeting).

Bob Spence is an International class business development specialist. An associate of Cambridge University spinout SpeakCulture he delivers business development skills across the UK and the EU.

Top 3 benefits of attending this event

You will learn how to:

o Effectively prepare for multiple attendee Webcam meetings

o Be able to manage different multiples of caller competently

o Engage respondents competently throughout the call

What you will gain from this webinar:

o A one-page synopsis of Webcam communication tactics

o 7 communication-actions that will support you manage the call

o Pre-call scripts to prepare your team to perform competently in the meeting

*Please note that webinars are recorded and made available for viewing on online platforms to help support businesses. By registering, you consent to the webinar being recorded and shared.