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How Strong Is Your Brand Identity? How to build a stand-out brand

Date: Tue 24 November 2020
Time: 2:00PM - 3:00PM
Where: Online Webinar

How strong is your business’s brand?

If you want to stand out in a crowded marketplace, your brand is everything.

From your logo and colour palette to your values and ethos, a strong and consistent brand can help you connect with more customers, increase your sales, and drive profitable growth for your business.

But in challenging and uncertain times, your brand can really come into its own.

Find out how to successfully leverage your business’s brand for Covid-19 and beyond by joining this webinar hosted by business growth guru Simon Shepherd.

You should join this webinar if:

You’re a business owner, leader or manager who wants to take advantage of your brand’s potential to drive business growth during Covid-19 and beyond.

What you’ll take away:

  • How to build a stand-out brand for your business or enhance your existing one
  • How to seamlessly integrate your brand into your marketing efforts
  • The vital role brands play during times of challenge and uncertainty, and why businesses that invest in their brand recover stronger and quicker

Who you’ll be hearing from:

Simon Shepherd

For more than 25 years, Simon has been helping businesses to boost their sales and increase their profits by helping them take their sales and digital marketing to the next level. On top of his work with global organisations to drive more effective marketing and return on investment, he is a registered business consultant and marketing expert for the European Commission.

**Once you have booked your place you will receive via email a link to the webinar **
**The webinar will be delivered via the ‘Zoom’ video conferencing software**