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Enhancing Employee Engagement

Date: Wed 19 February 2020
Time: 9:30AM - 4:30PM
Where: Europarc Innovation Centre, Grimsby

An Engaged Workforce is Key to Setting any Business Up for Success.

Having an engaged workforce is the key to having a productive business. Our workshop delivered by Paul Ward from Blue Orchid Enterprises Ltd will leave you with the skills and tactics to ensure your workforce is engaged and therefore productive.
Continuous Improvement is the “empowerment and engagement of all colleagues and heavily includes engaging all employees to help them understand their part and how they make a difference. More efficiently engaged staff help drive continuous improvement for a business leading to higher sales and ultimately, higher profits for your business.
As part of this interactive workshop we will cover.
• Traditional engagement models
• Causes of disengagement
• Measuring engagement
• 10 Opportunities to improve employee engagement
• Practical exercise centred on developing an engaged workforce with Continuous Improvement capability