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Effective Marketing During the Crisis- Week Three

Date: Tue 26 May 2020
Time: 2:00PM - 3:00PM
Where: Online Webinar

Hosted by Simon Shepherd of Client Marketing this webinar focuses upon a practical 5-step to process for business owners to reinvent their product offerings to survive and thrive in the post-lockdown economy.
Join Simon on this webinar, and throughout our 6-week Marketing Fightback series, taking the neccessary time to understand how to pivot your business and get your product offering right.

5-Step Process:

1. Deconstruction: Using the business canvas model to understand each constituent part of your business
2. Imagination: Looking at alternatives for each of the constituent parts identified within your business canvas model
3. Testing: Avoid spend & hope and test your revised business model
4. Prototyping: Create simplified or varied versions of your product or service offering
5. Strategic Marketing Plan: Develop your strategic marketing plan for your reinvented business

**You will receive a link to the webinar once you have booked your place**
**The webinar will be delivered via ‘Zoom’ video conferencing software**