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Develop & Grow Your Business By Combining Cloud and Agile Methodologies

Date: Mon 25 January 2021
Time: 1:00PM - 2:30PM
Where: Online Webinar

Many organisations use the cloud and agile methodologies, but why? Both of these can transform and propel your organisation to the next level, find out why and how this is done!

Join Martyn Coupland of Ensono for this webinar which looks at why organisations are using cloud technology such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. In this webinar we will also look at agile methodologies and how they can help add huge amounts of value to your business.

We will answer these questions…

• Why do businesses use the cloud?

• How does the cloud help your business?

• What is agile and how can it help your business?

These two tools can help add value to your business, keep you relevant and propel your organisation to the next level, this can be done by:

• Adopting agile working in your business

• Adopting cloud first solutions

• Migrating existing systems to newer technology

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