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A Compelling Growth Move…Selecting Opportunities As A Business Leader

Date: Thu 17 September 2020
Time: 2:00PM - 3:30PM
Where: Online Webinar

Investors obviously want to see a professional business plan supported by a good set of numbers, however, if it was as simple as that then far more businesses would experience fund raising success. The harsh reality is that 8 times more businesses looking for funding get rejected. Interestingly our research shows that the rejection is often for non-financial reasons.

Find out what investors really want in webinar 2 of our series of 4!
Too often, the strategic growth move being proposed in the business plan to the investor lacks robustness. Sloppy or just wishful thinking makes the business leader appear naïve which is a big turn off. Investors want to be confident that the leader has followed a reasonably rigorous process, assessing both potential and risks, that has logically led to the proposed growth move.

This webinar will cover the following proven techniques:

Tell me why you selected that product/market strategy? … why curating and presenting your rationale is crucial to pricking the Investor’s interest

Mapping your customers “Jobs to be done”… best practice technique to identify fresh opportunities with both existing and new customers

The High Growth Opportunity Assessment Map… a proven approach to map out your growth ideas into “Moon shots”, “Goldmines” and “Easy Wins” to show a potential investor your Growth Ideas Portfolio

This webinar is the second in a series of four providing business leaders seeking funding with the tools and techniques that address the most common non-financial rejection reasons. Armed with the tools and techniques addressing “What Investors really want”, will improve the number of successful funding offers you receive, plus the terms which you are offered.

Presented by Steve Young, Director at Winning Pitch and Scaleup Consultant
An accomplished and highly successful management consultant with a peerless track record associated with helping businesses to grow faster, stronger, for longer. From pre-start entrepreneurs to global winners like Google, Steve has developed and devised the “Growthology” techniques which have helped thousands of companies to break through the barriers and successfully scale their business to new heights. As a Director of 3 very successful high growth firms, Steve’s presentations offer practical “how–to” techniques and real-world stories guaranteed to inspire, educate and entertain.

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