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Why Google Analytics Is A Secret Weapon To Your Business Success

These webinars will walk you through how to set up Google Analytics and Tag Manager to maximise the information you can gather about your website visitors. From there, you’ll explore all the major reports available to you and learn how these can give you invaluable insights into ways to boost traffic and sales from your website.

The first session covers set up and configuration of Google Tag Manager and Analytics. This ensures that your website is gathering all the data possible and reporting in a meaningful way, especially conversions such as enquiry form submissions and ecommerce sales.

Join Ian Lockwood for this data driven journey through the world of data mining that will reveal behaviour traits about your customers. This webinar offers inspiration, insight, and actionable tips as you determine how to gather valuable information about your website users.

Content Covered in Session 1

• What Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics are and how they work

• How to create accounts and configure them correctly

• Setting up Goals and measuring website conversions

• Adding tags such as the Facebook Pixel and creating events to measure website interactions, such as submissions and downloads

Session 1 Outcomes

Delegates will understand:

• The benefits of using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

• How to set everything up correctly and ensure you’re making the most of the available features

• How to measure conversions from your website, the most important metrics of all

• How to add tags for other platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn