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Virtual Immersive Environments

This webinar will look at how digital copies of spaces and places can be created. We will look at how new technologies can create immersive 3D copies, or ‘digital twins’, of all types of built spaces and venues. These can then be shared with clients, contractors and visitors to freely navigate and explore, anytime, anywhere.

Join Mike Poole for this insight into the world of Digital copies & Virtual Environments

Mike manages the Designblok Technology Hub based within the College of Arts at the University of Lincoln. He is also Business Development Manager for Lincoln Conservation.

Our seminar will aim to cover:

• What Immersive Environments are and how they can benefit many business sectors

• Main uses of Immersive Environments to record buildings, venues, showrooms and other buildings to create virtual site visits and for new ways to engage the public and clients.

• The key benefits and limitations of Immersive Environments Scanning

• Viewer experience and capabilities.

• Host experience and capabilities.

• Timeframes.

• Preparation for scanning