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Upskilling For Digital – Training a Digital Ready Workforce

We live and work in a digital-first world, where our knowledge and digital capability is growing at an exponential rate. Businesses must embrace the knowledge and skills needed to harness the power of digital if they are to ensure continued growth and offer value to today’s digital-first consumer. Importantly, a business’s workforce needs to understand the opportunities that are presented by digital technology and how they can leverage this to improve their own role, and contribute to growth of the business.

In this webinar presented by Innovation Experts, Edenic Group, we’ll highlight the importance of embracing digital technology in a business environment and provide tips and tools to upskill your workforce so they are digital ready.

Edenic Group is a team of innovation consultants and behavioural change experts with many years’ experience developing disruptive thinking and innovation concepts to globally recognised brands.

The Group helps brands and organisations to be disruptive, embrace digital and think differently. Edenic Group’s team helps to develop new products, services and innovations solutions across any sector.

We will answer these questions…

● Why is digital knowledge important for business?

● What digital technology is emerging and how can this be harnessed by businesses to provide growth?

● How to make the subject of digital relevant to your workforce?

● What tools, applications and software is available to educate and train staff in the use of digital technology.

Agenda (60 mins)

1pm: Introduction.

1:05: Why is digital technology important today?

1:15: The evolution of digital technology.

1:30: How digital effects – a business, your current job role, your future job role

1:45: Developing employees digital knowledge

1:50: Top tools and platforms for learning

2:00: Close