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Tackling Digital Waste- Save Money & Create A More Sustainable Business

This webinar is perfect for any SME looking to become more sustainable in their business practices.

Being sustainable has several business benefits for SMEs, as well as helping to contribute to Net-Zero targets and Global Goals. For some SMEs though, it is difficult to see how they can contribute. This webinar will solve the confusion and focus on greening your IT and digital activities – understanding and tackling digital waste. You will be introduced to a sustainable business model and learn about savings your business can make.

Join Claire Benson Co-Director of SDG Changemakers to gain a solid understanding of what being a sustainable business really means, why it is important and how you can make changes today, focusing on digital waste and green digital practices.

SDG Changemakers is a sustainability consultancy focused on helping SMEs to understand, embed, measure, and communicate the impacts of being sustainable.

By viewing this webinar, you will:

• Understand how SMEs can become sustainable

• Understand what digital waste is

• Get 10 actionable tips to green your IT.