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Pricing for Profit

Are you a Business or Finance Leader that’s crunching the numbers?

Are you looking at ways to improve the way your managing your finances?

Are keeping a close eye on the Creditors and Debtors?

Managing your Finances should not require your full energy. In fact, it should be readily available to provide the information required and enable you the ability to explore the opportunities for growth.

“How much should we charge for our goods and services?” is a question we get asked regularly. In this webinar we will look at different ways of pricing for goods and services. Are you charging the perfect price, or discounting and ending up working for nothing?

We will explore:

• Is there such a thing as a “going rate”?

• Unique Selling Point (USP) and how this impacts pricing

• How the Extra Works Order stops you doing work for free

• Mid-tier pricing – using the power of three options

• Discounting – should you ever give discounts?

Delivered by: Jo Tomlinson, Owner of Business Works Accountancy Firm

Owner of Business Work UK, Jo is an advisory led Accountancy Practice, a growth coach and a certified Quickbooks Trainer. Clients want more from their Accountant than an end of year history lesson! They want to work with advisors who they trust to give them advise on their business. Jo works closely with business owners helping them to achieve the dreams and goals they have for their businesses.

This is the second webinar in a series of 4 which will provide practical support to ensure you’re in a better positioned to manage your finances:

Finance Fundamentals:

• Webinar No 1: Strategies for improving cash flow, without borrowing money

• Webinar No 2: Pricing for Profit

• Webinar No 3: Accessing funds during COVID-19 and how best to manage your cash!

• Webinar No 4: Digital Finance