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Moving Your Business To The Cloud- better efficiency resilience & profit

Moving your business to the Cloud is actually super simple and it’s also likely to reduce your costs, calls to your IT supplier and make your operations simpler and more efficient – which is great because that’s the stuff that makes peoples’ day to day lives easier and happier!

Our rule of thumb is that a well-functioning cloud-based system will give a month-on-month payback of at least ten times its cost. In this webinar, we will discuss a real-world example of this and also cover other benefits of moving to the Cloud such as:

  • Saving in administration
  • Improving process efficiency
  • Improving competitiveness by shortening lead times
  • Managing growth
  • Making your employees happier by making day to day tasks easier and quicker
  • Identifying new ways of doing things differently to drive efficiency and profitability

About the facilitator:

This webinar is delivered by Leon McQuade: Co-Founder of ‘Think Cloud’, Multi-Award Winning Cyber Security & Managed IT Services Provider. Think Cloud’s mission is to help customers succeed through the adoption and use of digital technology. Their clients come from all sectors, including Local Government, Ministry of Defence Supply Chain, Manufacturing & Financial Sectors.