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How You Plan An Effective Business Website Part 1

This webinar will help you to:

• determine the purpose of the site, and its users

• develop a hierarchy and wire framing – getting the “map” of the site in place so it works for your business and your customers.

• measure the performance of the site once it is up and running.

Join Deborah Goodall from Aer8 Marketing for this enlightening guide and journey through the structure of a website, to ensure your customers can navigate it easily and quickly, find key information and to take action to buy your products where applicable.

Content Covered in Session 1

• Identification of the purpose of the website (ecommerce, validation, education etc.)

• Defining objective measures for the website

• Target audience – what does that user expect from the website?

• The business brand and how the website fits with this

• Writing the specification

• Web Hierarchy – how to plan this and draw it for your designer

• Wireframing and Eye flow

Session 1 Outcomes

Delegates will understand:

• What they want their website to deliver

• How to write a brief for a website developer/designer to communicate their needs

• How to visualise their requirements without the need for fancy graphics.