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How To Deal With The Pressures & Demands Of Being A Small Business Leader

This 2-hour workshop equips managers with the knowledge, tools and confidence to continue to perform, even in the unprecedented times of the coronavirus. Being able to recognise symptoms of burnout and with practical tips to prevent & treat burnout, the course is essential for personal and professional use.

Burnout is prolonged exposure to a stressful situation and now, more than ever due to the forced changes from coronavirus, more business leaders are increasingly vulnerable to experience this weakened state of mind. The forced changes which coronavirus has brought along with the personal, financial and social ramifications has understandably increased the pressure on every employee and leader.

Burnout is a mental health condition, and this means leaders may be struggling mentally, emotionally and physically without actually realising. In practical terms this means this business is at risk and managing these pressures are key. A weakened state of mind means leaders may not be as focused on their job, unable to make decisions, extremely emotionally and failing to communicate with their customers and colleagues. Many leaders will be struggling silently, the leader who appears to be a little obsessive or managing the PA who comes to tears easily – what is the impact of their burnout on the organisation’s goals?

Rachael Alexander is a mental health psychologist who has spent over 20 years demystifying the complex world of mental health. Her webinars and lectures are delivered in a simple, engaging, down to earth style sharing practical ways to support those who are understand the financial and emotional benefits of supporting their employees.

By the end of the 2-hour webinar you will understand:

• What is burnout and how is it caused?

• Recognising the symptoms of burn-out in self & others

• How can I prevent burnout occurring?

• Treatment for burnout

• Preventing burnout re-occurring in the future