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How SME’s can Use Big Data For Smarter Business Decisions

Most SMEs believe they are too small for big data. This is far from the truth as SMEs need big data to succeed just as much as larger corporations. Data and analytics provides businesses with actionable insights needed to become more efficient and profitable.

In this webinar, presented by Michael Rippon, Managing Director of Raindrop Digital, we will explore where and how you should be collecting big data and then how to use this to identify business opportunities, obtain higher levels of performance and deliver business growth.


• What is big data?

• The value of big data

• Becoming Data driven

• Blueprinting your customer 360° view

• How to use data effectively.

• Examples of Data and Analytics.

This webinar will:

• Explain what Big Data is and examples of Data Analytics.

• Identify why data matters to your business.

• Look at how effectively using analytics data you can grow your business and avoid costly mistakes.