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How Disruptive Innovation Can Hurt Your Business

Innovation is a constant disruptive threat to players in all industries, making old ways of doing things obsolete. The result is old business models being replaced with new ones, with sector incumbents needing to invest in the new model in order to survive. This is conventional wisdom, which has coined the popular mantra “Disrupt or Be Disrupted.”

Should you be faced with innovations that lead to a dominant new business model entering your industry, this advice is sound, which the leaders of past and present businesses like Netflix, Blockbuster, Instagram and Kodak would, for different reasons, most certainly attest to. But what if an innovation poses a threat but your unable to predict whether it has true transformative potential? What is the impact when balancing the potential costs versus benefits of self-disruption in those very uncertain, early stages?

What topics will be covered?

● How Disruptive Innovation Can Hurt You

● What are the cost and benefits of self-disruption at an uncertain stage?

● How to respond to potentially threatening innovation (that has yet to generate a dominant or even proven new business model)?

● Discover the four quadrants of disruption

● The two key factors that drive disruption

● Variety of real world examples


Name: Colin Bell

Title: Senior Consultant

A business growth and scaleup expert, Colin has acquired, scaled and exited technology led businesses and sits on several Government advisory groups on scaleup and entrepreneurship. He is passionate about the role Digital Technology plays in enabling business growth and competitiveness. Colin has been instrumental in supporting businesses to transform and scaleup through innovation and the successful implementation of new business models.

Name: Leon McQuade

Title: Co-Founding Director – Technology Evangelist

Leon is Co-Founder of Think Cloud, a multi-Award Winning Cyber Security & Managed IT Services Provider that exist to help their customers succeed through the adoption and use of digital technology. Think Cloud work with clients from all sectors including Local Government, Ministry of Defence Supply Chain, Manufacturing & Financial Sectors.

And …

Andys Man Club Trustee, CTO, Digital Strategy

One of the UK’s fastest-growing men’s mental health charities. Saving lives and bringing about change so no family has to experience the devastation caused by a death by suicide.

Leon heads up the charity’s digital technology strategy and more recently led the digital transformation and adoption of Google G-Suite. In response to COVID 19, all 26 clubs were moved online and G-Suite now underpins its digital transformation and changing employees behaviours at speed, while continuing growth and efficiency programmes.