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Harness The Power Of Digital To Create A Marketing Plan

The last year or so has created new challenges for all business. This webinar taster will run through the key elements & opportunities available to business to harness the power of digital to create a marketing plan that helps you work towards your vision and new goals.

Ideal for SMEs looking to find recovery, resilience or growth in their business by regenerating your marketing strategy or even starting again from scratch.

Join Emily Whitehead on this taster webinar to learn the skills and get the inspiration you need to recover, find resilience and grow your business and find out how the upcoming digital marketing masterclasses will make a difference to your business’s future.

Topics covered are introductions to the masterclass content:

• How to create a digital marketing strategy to hit your goals

• The skills you need to develop a plan that’s tactical and has the right impact

• Practical support to implement your digital marketing plan for success

This introduction to the Digital Marketing Masterclasses will give your business

• A clear picture of how the digital landscape has changed

• Understanding of your goals and what your business needs most

• How digital marketing can make all the difference

• The key elements to a successful marketing plan

• Ideas, tips and support to help implement your new strategy