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Google Tools For Your Business

There are many free Google tools that are included as part of the software that many businesses do not understand or use, but if they did it would give them a competitive advantage. Understanding more about potential customers and what they are looking for allows tailoring of messages to achieve business goals.

Join Deborah Goodall from Aer8 Marketing for this enlightening guide through the secrets of good parameter and filter settings that get the most from your website.

Content Covered

• Google My Business – get found

• Google Analytics – measurement

• Google Trends – market assessment

• Google Keyword Planner – SEO, Content Creation


Delegates will understand:

• How to get their business found not only in a local area

• How people use their website and what that means

• Identify what are the areas that are of interest to potential customers

• Understand what people are searching for and how to make the most of that search