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Digital Finance

Managing your Finances should not require your full energy. In fact, it should be readily available to provide the information required and enable you the ability to explore the opportunities for growth.

In the short term you can operate at a loss. Businesses don’t fail in the short term for making losses; they fail by running out of cash.

It’s cash that’s actually king, so in all decision making and planning to be successful you need to think about your cash position and your cash flow.

That’s why it’s vitally important in small to medium size businesses that generally don’t have big backers or shareholders or access to bank funding to manage their cash flow for short term, medium term and long term.

The practical session will outline how to have up to the minute visibility of the cash position and steps you could be taking to manage the working capital cycle during these challenging times.

This session will cover a broad range of topics including:

• Bookkeeping

• Making Tax Digital compliant

• Real time information, on any devise

• Much better management information for your business

• Less keying due to artificial intelligence

• World class bookkeeping with images of receipts in your software making

• Year-end accounts easier for your accounts

• Enquiries resolved easier with HMRC

• No trawling through piles of paperwork if you want to refer to a previous receipt

• Quotes/proposals including terms and conditions

• Including extra works order for speedy quotes when you have scope creep to ensure you get paid

• Including getting signatures on a device or e-signatures for quotes or estimates, to ensure you get paid the correct amount

• Getting e-signatures

• Everything is backed up and accessible by anyone in your team that you give access to it

• Scaling

• Cover if ill or on holiday

Delivered by: Jo Tomlinson, Owner of Business Works Accountancy Firm

Owner of Business Work UK, Jo is an advisory led Accountancy Practice, a growth coach and a certified Quickbooks Trainer. Clients want more from their Accountant than an end of year history lesson! They want to work with advisors who they trust to give them advise on their business. Jo works closely with business owners helping them to achieve the dreams and goals they have for their businesses.

This is the fourth webinar in a series of 4 which will provide practical support to ensure you’re in a better positioned to manage your finances:

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• Webinar No 2: Pricing for Profit

• Webinar No 3: Accessing funds during COVID-19 and how best to manage your cash!

• Webinar No 4: Digital Finance