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CRM Systems- The Importance of Effective CRM

Customer Relationship Management is an essential process for every business, but what are the key considerations in selecting and implementing a CRM system?

Needing to manage the relationship you have with your customers, but baffled by the multitude of CRM systems being hyped to enable this for you?

Worried you may be buying a sledgehammer to crack a nut?

Join Des Scanlan (former IT Director) for a step through the key principles for selecting and implementing a CRM system. This webinar will apply years of real-world CRM selection and implementation experience to define the key principles to ensure you get this important project right.

We will address these key topics;

• Understanding your CRM goals

• Selecting the right CRM system

• Agreeing the right implementation approach

Getting CRM right is not difficult, this webinar will allow you to:

• Scope your CRM project

• Understand the different CRM functionality and costs out there

• Communicate an implementation plan to your business