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Business Development For New And Emerging Technologies

When it comes to selling your innovative ideas, sometimes the hardest part about getting buy-in is communicating with the right audience. Bob Spence outlines 5 ways to build ‘buy-in’ for innovation and speak the language of the people you are selling to.

Bob Spence is an International class business development specialist. An associate of Cambridge University spinout SpeakCulture he delivers business development skills across the UK and the EU.

This sixty minute fast paced session will cover the following proven techniques.

How to:

1. Speak the language of the people you are selling to.

2. Support others to be able to visualise your idea.

3. Try out your ideas on sceptics.

4. Generate buy-in from a group.

5. Focus on the benefit case of the idea and not the features of the concept.

Attendees will recognise that selling ideas is the number one job and a never ending requirement.

What you will gain from this webinar:

o A one-page synopsis of buy-in communication tactics

o 5 actions that will support you to sell your ideas