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An Introduction To Smart Cities

With technology and digital capabilities developing at an exponential rate, the way we live and work is changing. Think about how you travel, shop, communicate, get fit, eat, work etc. Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), we are now more connected than ever and as such, the cities in which we live are adapting to the digital norms of human life.

In this webinar we’ll explore how cities are developing and how the internet and smart technologies are being used to turn cities into immersive hubs of information, interaction and convenience. We’ll highlight some of the extremes that are possible with an over use of digital technology but also, some of the amazing advancements and benefits that can be achieved by turning cities into smart, connected hubs. We’ll also highlight some of the practical benefits of communication, city management, emergency response, business and entertainment transactions, movement of people and more.

If you have a firm interest in technology, innovation and progress, and would like to better understand how technology is affecting the way we live and the areas we occupy, then you should find this webinar illuminating.

This session will be delivered by Edenic Group. Edenic are a team of innovation consultants and behavioural change experts with many years’ experience developing disruptive thinking and innovation concepts to globally recognised brands.

The Group helps brands and organisations to be disruptive, embrace digital and think differently. Edenic Group’s team helps to develop new products, services and innovations solutions across any sector.

Agenda: (90 minutes)

13:00 Introduction / Housekeeping

13:05 What is a Smart City?

13:20 Digital Innovation, how did we get here?

13:30 What infrastructure is needed for a smart city?

13:40 Applications – Municipal services

13:50 Applications – Education

14:00 Applications – Crime

14:10 Applications – Health

14:20 Applications – Business/Commerce

14:30 Close

Top 3 benefits of attending the event

1. Understand the fundamentals of the Internet of Things (IoT) and how Cities are connected

2. Learn how to adapt to a digital world and how to think differently about the way you live and work

3. Understand the importance of business innovation to future prosperity and relevance