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An Introduction To Cloud Accounting

In this session we will look at the benefits of using Cloud Software, and the costs associated with buying a subscription.

We will explore at the ways in which Cloud Accounting uses Artificial Intelligence to speed up the data entry process.

We will also look at the quality of management information you should expect from your Cloud Accounting system and how this will benefit you in running your business.

The webinar will be delivered by Joanne ‘Jo’ Tomlinson. Jo is the owner of an advisory led accountancy practice who solve real problems and needs for their clients. Understanding that clients want more from their Accountant than an end of year history lesson, Jo has created a business model which looks to satisfy many more of the needs of SME businesses than just submitting tax returns.

The webinar will cover:

• Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

• Reporting and Management Information

• Features and Functions

• Options

• Costs