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Advanced Skills For The Professional Webcam Meeting

For businesses requiring enhanced client communication skills in the new ‘normal’.

There are four key variants of a Webcam meeting which are: developing a new relationship, developing an existing relationship, managing a dissatisfaction meeting and managing a scope meeting. We explore how each of these key business development conversations can be improved via the Webcam.

Bob Spence is an International class business development specialist. An associate of Cambridge University spinout SpeakCulture he delivers business development skills across the UK and the EU.

Top 3 benefits of attending this event

You will learn how to:

o Effectively prepare for each type of Webcam based meeting

o Be able to manage these meetings successfully

o Deliver meetings that separate you and your business from the competition

What you will gain from this webinar:

o A one-page preparation template for each type of call

o A list of questions that ensure your calls engage respondents

o 5 key tactics will support the productivity of the call