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A Leader With A High Growth Mindset… How Your Thinking Drives Your Results

Like every business owner, you’ll be familiar with the worry and stress that comes with securing funding from investors.  

For instance, how many hours have you spent putting together stand-out pitch presentationsturning over questions in your head like… 

  • What will I do if my funding bid gets rejected? 
  • What if my numbers aren’t strong enough? 
  • If this investor says no, what if every investor does the same? 

Does this sound familiar? 

Imagine how it’d feel to get inside the mind of an investor, and figure out what they’re really looking for in a funding pitch. 

You see, many business owners believe that what will get investors to commit is the strength of their financials.  

What they don’t realise, is that their behaviours, actions and mindset are also under the spotlight as well. 

In fact, research suggests that rejections by investors are often based on non-financial reasons! 

So if you really want to guarantee success for your business’s funding bids, you need to think and act the way the most successful business leaders do. 

This webinar will show you how to do this. 

You should join this webinar if: 

You’re a business owner, leader or manager who wants to win every funding bid by understanding what investors really want. 

What you’ll take away: 

  • What investors are really looking for in a funding pitch 
  • Why the ‘inner game’ being played in your head may be the key reason investors say no to your business 
  • Insight into the 3 big differences in the way the most successful 6% of business leaders think and act, including how to model their behaviours and mindsets 
  • How to scale up your ambition for your business and still achieve exceptional results 

Who you’ll be hearing from: 

Steve Page

Steve is a Director at Winning Pitch and is an accomplished and highly successful management consultant. With more than 35 years of experience in business strategy and management, his extensive expertise supports aspirational businesses across any sector to grow faster, stronger, and for longer. 

This is the third in a series of four webinars designed to give business leaders the tools and techniques they need to address the most common non-financial investor rejection issues.