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Digital Capabilities Assessment Tool

Our Digital Capabilities Assessment Tool (DCAT) for SMEs can help you to understand the current digital capabilities of your business, and how you can improve these to achieve business growth.

Click Here to Access the DCAT 


What Is It?

Designed specifically for SMEs, the DCAT will allow you to pinpoint which of your business’s digital capabilities require further development to ensure that your business is as productive, competitive and innovative as it can be.

Also, by completing the DCAT you will receive a bespoke report that highlights your business’s digital strengths and weaknesses. This report will provide you with advice on the steps you can take to build on these strengths and work on the weaknesses, and will also signpost you to other sources of information, advice, guidance and funding you can access to develop your business’s digital capabilities.

How Does It Work?

Follow the link below to access the DCAT and create a user account for your business.

After you’ve created an account, you will be asked to complete the self-assessment questionnaire which will help to inform your final report. There are 55  questions which cover the following 6 business areas:

  1. Developing a Digital Culture
  2. Workforce and Skills
  3. Management & Operations
  4. Product & Service Development and Delivery
  5. Sales and Marketing
  6. Regulations and Compliance

Once you’ve completed the self-assessment questionnaire a bespoke report will be generated that will contain your results broken down section-by-section. This report will also contain bespoke advice statements that will vary depending on how you have answered the questionnaire, and will also include links to other sources of advice, support and funding.

Once you’ve created an account for the DCAT, you can log-in as often as you like to view and download your bespoke report, and to even retake the questionnaire to understand how your business has developed its business capabilities over time.

Who Can Use It? 

The DCAT has been specially developed for small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) in the Humber region (Hull, East Yorkshire, North and North East Lincolnshire).

The DCAT is not specific to any business size, sector or maturity and so any SME in the Humber region will benefit from using this powerful tool to assess their digital capabilities.

Why Use It? 

The DCAT  helps SME businesses across all sectors and industries to better understand and use digital technology and solutions to drive business growth.

Digital technology and solutions can often be confusing and forever changing, but by completing the DCAT to obtain your free report, you will gain a valuable overview of what your business’s digital capabilities currently are, how you can build on or improve them; and most importantly of all, where you can go for further advice, support and funding to maximise your business’s use of digital technology to drive growth!

Where Do I Start? 

To use the DCAT to generate your free report, please click here to create an account and then follow the instructions.

If you would like the support of a Growth Hub Business Advisor to complete the DCAT, or if you have any questions or issues please contact the Business Growth Scheme team at [email protected]