Total Signs & Graphics

My name is James Cody I’m the operations director for Total Signs & Graphics. We’re a small size business with 13 employees, producing signage for products, graphics for small businesses and nationwide multinationals as well.

What did you need support with as a business before enrolling on the Business Growth Scheme?
We found a big gap in the market that we couldn’t fulfill at all, we needed to look at new machines, we wanted to expand our business and we approached the local advisor who came along to see us and everything went from there!

What support have you accessed through the #GrowMySME programme?
The support we’ve accessed has helped us to produce a business plan and our cashflow forecasts and everything we need set up to be able to take the grant money and to be able to buy a new machine for our business.

How has working with #GrowMySME opened up new opportunities for your business?
It has made a huge positive impact without the financial support, without the advice we wouldn’t be able to afford to do business, there’s no way we would be able to afford new machinery and take on more staff. So far we’ve taken on two members of staff, we’re looking to take a third member of staff at the start of next year. With the new machinery in the building, we’ll be able to train all staff, we’ll be able to access new markets we never thought would be attainable to us at all. We’ll be able to satisfy current customers with new products, we’ll be able to take on whole new projects. The project themselves would never have been able to complete them on time without having new machinery.

Would you recommend the #GrowMySME Programme to other businesses?
If you want to take further your business, speak to advisors. We know, we couldn’t have growth without the help from #GrowMySME.

How easy was the process?
There’s a very easy process, helped along by the advisors for the cashflow forecasts, looking at certain areas of the business and any improvements we could make, not much paperwork at all. It helped us learn a lot about our business as well, it’s another tangible benefit we found going through this.

What does the next 12 months hold for your business?
Expansion and expansion really at the moment. We’re getting into these new markets at the moment, working a lot more multi-nationally, looking to expand outside of the UK as well with products and services. Onwards and upwards. We’ll be speaking to him again hopefully in the next 12 to 18 months on the next level expansion. We’re not stopping now, we know this system works and we’ll keep going. #GrowMySME


December 2019