Notch – The Mark of Achievement

My name is Mike Gibbins, I’m one of the Co-Founders of Notch (The Mark of Achievement). We manufacture and sell achievement bracelets – the concept behind Notch is we have a bracelet, which is an engravable charm bracelet and we engrave charms for everything and anything that people are proud of and want to achieve.

Myself and Chris Healy set the business up in 2017 and we developed the product over a period of time.

What did you need support with as a business before engaging with the #GrowMySME scheme?
So, before we found out about HEY Growth Hub, we developed a UK-only website, we were growing it via social media and SEO predominantly – we found out about HEY Growth Hub attending a couple of webinars on internationalisation and international growth.

We approached them and talked about grant applications, they helped us with a grant to support the redevelopment of the website. Part of the redevelopment of the website allowed us to create 4 different language versions of our website and we did that with German, French, Spanish and Dutch.

How was working with the #GrowMySME scheme impacted your business?
The development took a reasonable amount of time in terms of the website development. We’ve only been launched with the international version of the site for a few months, but we can see that our orders relative to this time last year, prior to having internationalised the site, are increasing.

Did you attend any #GrowMySME scheme events or webinars?
The first webinar that we attended actually came through as a speculative email from HEY Growth Hub to the business inviting us to come along to it; we thought it was a good idea as it looked like the right thing for us.

It was really useful to be on the webinar, not just talking to HEY Growth Hub, but also talking to other businesses, like-minded people, like-minded businesses as well to share ideas.

What does the next 12 months hold for your business?
So, it’s quite exciting times really for Notch in the next 12 months. The quota on next year is we’re pushing the international side of the business; we’re going to promote in the 4 regions we set the site up for. Alongside that, we’ve got a large rollout into the high street, so we’re rolling out to 10 stores at the moment.

Would you recommend the #GrowMySME scheme to other businesses?
HEY Growth Hub were great, it was really easy to deal with them from supporting us with the grant application, ensuring all of the wording was right and all of the documentation was filled in properly.

The process has been super easy, super quick and I would definitely recommend working them.