Highfield House and Grounds

I’m Andy Lampard, I run a company called the Highfield House and Grounds. We set up about 3/4 years ago, mainly doing weddings, and we’ve now grown, we’re growing / in the process of being a much larger venture.

What did you need support with as a business before enrolling on the Business Growth Scheme?
We were a very small enterprise beforehand, just really doing weddings and small events. I met with the Growth Scheme just purely by chance, we were actually hosting an event for them here, and I heard little insights as to how it could help, help us grow and helps us get on to grant schemes, to which we were really in need of.

Did you attend any other Business Growth Scheme events?
We attended another event and heard some fantastic speakers who let us know their kind of story and how they’ve grown and how they’ve utilised various different sort of aids from the government, the grants, the schemes and things like that, and it really inspired us to get going.

What support have you accessed through the #GrowMySME programme?
We’ve had personal support from Darren at #GrowMySME every step of the way through our grant scheme. We went for the RDP grant scheme first off which we regarded through on a very one-to-one basis and we were helped with working out our finances, working on our business plans, working out the applications for the grant itself.

How has working with #GrowMySME opened up new opportunities for your business?
We were successful with getting a huge grant application so we were really pleased with that. We’ve started work on that now, we’ll have a huge amount of accommodation here, our business will have grown from being a just venue to now being essentially a boutique hotel with loads of accommodation. We’re looking to employ more and more people to help us along the road and none of that would have been possible if we hadn’t have been for the successful grant and the successful help that we had from the Growth Scheme.

Would you recommend the #GrowMySME Programme to other businesses?
We come into contact with quite a lot of suppliers who are looking to grow and every time that we get into any business discussion I always pass on Darren’s email address or phone number. There’s so much that these guys can do for you if you look into it.

What does the next 12 months hold for your business?
Now that we’ve been successful with one grant, we’re now looking to undertake a couple of others.


December 2019