Matt Vinyl Graphics

I am Shaun Nicholson, I work for Matt Vinyl Graphics, I’m one of the directors of the company. We specialise in graphics for commercial vehicles but our work varies and ranges from anything from boats to planes really. We also do bespoke wallpapers.

How has working with #GrowMySME opened up new opportunities for your business?
#GrowMySME helped us with the grant process, which has massively helped us progress a lot faster than what we would have without it. Having a grant has helped us move from a smaller building to a larger building that subsequently has led on to us needing more staff, and we’ve taken on in the last couple of years another four staff, which from a small family run business is a massive jump for us. It has opened doors, to other customers, other types of work, and it has given us space and the area to grow and buy more machinery for what we need to do.

What support have you accessed through the #GrowMySME scheme?
Coming from a position where we never asked for external help, for a small business, to have access to the support and the services that #GrowMySME have given us, it’s invaluable really.

Have you attended any of the events or workshops?
It really helped us to understand the different platforms, the algorithms, what content we should be putting on, what works for us as a business, it helped us realise we don’t need every form of social media, just the ones that work for us. As a business, it’s definitely pushed us forwards.

Would you recommend the #GrowMySME scheme to other businesses?
I would definitely recommend the #GrowMySME scheme to other businesses.

What does the next 12 months hold for your business?
Moving forward to the next 12 months, I can see us using the services again. There are certain aspects of the business that we want to develop more and I do feel, with the help of #GrowMySME that the opportunities are there to grow.


December 2019