North Lincs Structures

My name is Laura Matic, I’m from North Lincs Structures in Scunthorpe. We are a design and build company of structural steel products. Mainly buildings for industrial, agricultural, aviation purposes. We currently have 15 full-time staff and 3 part-time staff.

What did you need support with as a business before enrolling on the Business Growth Scheme?
Initially we wanted to extend the premises, we’ve expanded almost to 3 fold in the last 18 months, so we’ve rapidly run out of space for more staff, more machinery, just general requirements.

What support have you accessed through the #GrowMySME programme?
Having the Humber Growth’s help and having people to contact and be able to help with the process, get through the jargon and say “it’s easier to do it this way, it’s easier to do it that way, you don’t need to do that, or attach this” it made it more streamlined for us and less time consuming.

How has working with #GrowMySME opened up new opportunities for your business?
We were successful in our grant application, we are waiting for a bit of a downturn in winter months so that we can start with the extension. To have the support and the recommendations, and the help with the applications to point us in the right direction and what information you need to be successful was really helpful.

What does the next 12 months hold for your business?
In the coming few months we’re looking to expand the office of the business with new software, new hardware and take advantage of the new developments in the industry relating to the beam modeling that we do. I’m hoping that there will be other grants available for the hardware and software and/or the training and the upscaling of the workforce. #GrowMySME


December 2019