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Future-proof your business with specialist growth support

Every business owner knows what it’s like to want to secure a long and successful future for their business.

You might want to diversify into new markets, sell your products to more people, or cut costs by streamlining your operations. And to keep the revenue and profits coming in over the long run, you can’t afford for your business to stand still.
Imagine if there were a quick and easy way to get all the knowledge and resources you need to grow your business successfully, such as how to:

  • Achieve your financial goals by developing a watertight business strategy
  • Reach more customers through targeted marketing techniques
  • Increase productivity through staff training and development
  • Drive down your costs by expanding your supply chains or increasing your business’s agility


By accessing our free, tailored Business Growth support services and consultancy, you can get expert advice and assistance that will help you put your business on the path to long-term growth.

Our specialists can also refer you to other support services and solutions within the wider #GrowMySME programme and HEY Growth Hub depending on your business needs.

1:1 expert consultancy to help your business thrive

Whatever your business goals, our team of specialist experts can provide comprehensive, bespoke advice and guidance and have years of experience in helping small to medium businesses grow and succeed. They can support you to:

  • Increase efficiencies by formulating new business models
  • Improve profitability through planning and strategy development
  • Boost sales by improving processes, pricing and pitching
  • Reach more customers through targeted comms and marketing
  • Increase productivity through staff training and development
  • Better understand your market with enhanced customer insights
  • Cut costs through supply chain and procurement diversification


Boost your knowledge with our free weekly webinars

Our free workshops and events are hosted by veteran business growth experts and cover a wide range of topics, giving you insider insights to help your business succeed. Our weekly webinars are free to watch at any time on our website, so you can quickly and easily develop your skills and understanding – no matter what kind of support you’re looking for.
Our webinars can help you:

  • Create an innovative business model
  • Build brand awareness through strategic marketing
  • Successfully manage change in the workplace
  • Recruit and retain the best talent
  • Identify, engage and keep customers coming back
  • Develop and implement a profitable sales strategy
  • Build sustainable and cost-effective supply chains
  • Reduce costs and improve competitiveness


Scale up your business successfully with dedicated coaching support

Our Scale Up programme is designed to support ambitious businesses to achieve significant and sustainable growth. Whether you’re looking to expand into new markets, develop new products or explore new growth opportunities, we offer a full range of support services to help you achieve your growth goals – from webinars and peer-to-peer board networks to leadership events and 1:1 consultancy. 


Start growing your business today

We’ve already helped countless businesses to grow successfully and have made it easy for you to ensure your business keeps thriving too. To find out if you’re eligible for our finance support and consultancy services, book onto one of our free webinars or connect with one of our business advisors, simply follow our three steps to success below:


Find the right scheme for you

If you’d like to access Business Growth support, all you need to do is enquire with us by filling out our contact form.


See if you’re eligible

To be eligible for our business support, your business must:

  • Be trading in the Humber area – Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, North East Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire
  • Have less than 250 full-time equivalent employees
  • Have a turnover of less than €50m or a balance sheet of less than €43m

Enquire now

Simply complete an Expression of Interest and we’ll check your eligibility for you. One of our expert advisors will then be in touch to find out how we can help.


Want to find out more or chat about how we can help?

To find out more about our business growth services or free weekly webinars, contact us on our Enquire Now page or give us a call. 

Get in touch

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