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About the #GrowMySME scheme

The #GrowMySME Programme was developed as a response to the numerous barriers to growth that businesses in the Humber region continue to face.

Since April 2014 the HEY Growth Hub has supported over 9,000 businesses to grow. Through becoming more productive, accessing new markets, taking on new staff members. Therefore, contributing towards the economic success of the region.

However, 98% of the Humber region’s businesses are small to medium enterprises. We found that these businesses come up against continued barriers to their growth and prosperity; be it access to the right skills, difficulties in accessing new clients & markets, access the right form of finance, and adoption of the latest digital technology.

We thought long and hard about how we as a Growth Hub could expand our business support services to help SMEs tackle these barriers. Once we decided on a way forward, the #GrowMySME Programme was born.

How we can help

Launched in November 2018, #GrowMySME has experienced an incredible uptake from the Humber’s vibrant business community. Since launch we’ve already worked with nearly 1,000 businesses to overcome their growth barriers and accelerate their plans.

The #GrowMySME Programme has been designed to do exactly ‘what it says on the tin’! Featuring three specialist yet complementary strands – focusing on access to finance, adoption of ICT & digital technology, and general business growth support – our ultimate aim is to help businesses to grow, and we do this via our experienced advisor team, through a workshop and masterclass series, grant funding, and other specialist activities such as Scale Up and Supply Chain strands.

So if you’re an SME in the Humber region looking for support to grow, you’ve come to the right place. We have all the tools you need to take the next steps in your business’ growth journey. Our expert advisors will help you identify your next steps, and help you access whichever part of the #GrowMySME Programme you need to flourish.

Delivered by the HEY Growth Hub, and funded by the European Regional Development Fund 2014 – 2020 Programme. #GrowMySME has a team of 16 expert business advisors who can give help and guidance on all aspects of business, dozens of workshops & masterclasses scheduled every month on variety of topics, and three grant funds that can help unlock your business development projects.

If you’re a business and need support, simply fill out an enquiry form. We’ll be in touch within 2-3 working days.

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